October 12, 2016


“On Sept. 7, state Judge Thomas Moukawsher decreed that "Connecticut is defaulting on its constitutional duty" to provide adequate education for all of our children. His decision — which he read from the bench for two hours — instantly made national news because he went beyond the issue of school funding to the issue of fundamental reform. In short, he sent the state to reform school…”

Rob Kavaler

Rob joined GPS in June 2014, and brings his knowledge of graphic design, photography, social media and other digital media to the firm. Before joining the team, Rob worked as a freelancer for various businesses and organizations in the Greater Hartford area including The Open Hearth Association, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Center for Higher Education Retention Excellence (CHERE) and the West Hartford Summer Arts Festival. Kavaler has designed logos, event programs, brochures, newsletters, posters and other collateral materials. He has photographed events including news conferences, public hearings, concerts, theatrical performances and dance showcases. As a creative person he is always looking for a new challenge, enjoys working closely with clients and strives for the best quality in his work. Rob graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Visual Arts, with a concentration in Digital Art & Design and a minor in Communication.