Welcome to CASA – We are pleased to have you join our organization of over 400 CT administrators!

Membership is extended to all Connecticut school administrators below the rank of Assistant Superintendent. Dues are established annually by the Board of Directors. Dues are currently $85.00 per year.

Please note – annual membership fees cover the fiscal period of July 1-June 30th. There are two ways of joining – as an individual administrator or as your entire group of administrators. There are benefits to joining as a group. Please see Benefits section of our web site. 

Individual Membership
Please download application and mail completed form with your check for $85 payable to CASA to:

Connecticut Association of School Administrators
C/O Jill Barry
101 Oak Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Group Membership
For an administrators’ association to join as a group, mail a check payable to CASA as above in the amount of $85 times the number of members. Please enclose the following information for each member: Member name and school district address, telephone number, email address, and preferred mailing address for CASA newsletters. Also provide your Association’s name and president’s name and address with your enclosure. Indicate New or Renewal by checking the appropriate box on the form.

Download printable version of membership form.