Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Connecticut Association of School Administrators (CASA) website.  As many of you know, CASA is the largest professional organization in Connecticut solely dedicated to supporting school administrators. Without members like you, there is no CASA. We are committed to helping you when you need assistance by offering:

  • Legal Services:
    CASA’s program ensures that all members have access to competent legal assistance at substantially reduced costs

  • Legislative Advocacy:
    CASA is the only organization in the state dedicated to lobbying the legislative and executive branch of state government on your behalf. We have contracted an experienced lobbying firm that advocates on behalf of CASA by delivering timely, straightforward information critical to public officials, monitoring bills that could affect CASA, and analyzing relevant policy.

  • Financial Assistance:
    Complimentary retirement planning consultation with our financial consultant
  • The Professional Team:
    Members of the Board of Directors and the consultation team will meet with any member requesting professional assistance

  • Professional Workshops:
    Seminars on school leadership, negotiations, retirement and financial planning are provided

While your life as an administrator is undoubtedly gratifying, we understand that, at times, it can be filled with tension, anxiety, and disruption. You may need professional advice in order to resolve the complex issues you may encounter. That’s why CASA is here to help.

Current membership has allowed CASA to accomplish a great deal recently, including:  

  • In August 2015, Connecticut decided to get rid of the SBAC test for high school sophomores and replaced it with the SAT. This followed extensive lobbying and advocacy by CASA with state policymakers regarding the excessive standardized testing in schools and its detrimental impact on student learning.

  • In October 2015, working with our financial consultant, we held our Retirement Planning Workshop. Our financial consultant also provided advice in our newsletters with articles about federal rate hikes, stock market behavior, retirement exit strategy.

  • In January 2016, we conducted a survey of CASA members to assess the thoughts of public school administrators in Connecticut. The data that we collected from the 320 administrators who completed the survey was used to address legislative issues like standardized testing and teacher evaluation.

  • In February 2016, CASA released the results of a member survey that showed the current model of student testing and teacher evaluations are not working. Later that month, Governor Dannel P. Malloy and State Department of Education (SDE) Commissioner Dianna R. Wentzell announced the implementation of a new step that will reduce testing time and expand learning time for more than 200,000 Connecticut children across over 800 schools.

  • In March 2016, we met with the Commissioner of Education to discuss issues which affect school administrators and changes we would like to see.

  • In May 2016, our annual Collective Bargaining Workshop was held in Norwalk, offering CASA members the latest settlement information. Our lobbyist also gave a brief summary of this year’s legislative session.

  • Legislation, HB 5469 An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy passed in May 2016 created a student data privacy task force which included a representative of CASA.

  • CASA testified at the Capitol regarding legislation which will have a direct effect on how we do our jobs, ensuring that our voices are heard. Our testimony supported SB 380, which would have decoupled standardized testing from teacher evaluation.  We expect to continue this work in the upcoming year.

  • The CASA Executive Board met with representatives of the Connecticut Coalition for Justice and Education Funding (CCJEF) and is currently considering joining this lawsuit to ensure adequate funding for school districts.

  • Just this December Vice Chair Cherlye Brown and I met with Commissioner Wentzel to discuss upcoming legislative proposals that could possibly affect Administrators.  We had a productive discussion about many topics including evaluation and high stakes testing.

  • I also met with the leadership of the Connecticut Education Association to identify areas that we could work together to make education more effective for ALL students in Connecticut.  There are many areas that Administrators and teachers would both benefit by working together.

  • Through our newsletters and e-mail blasts, our legal consultant has brought us the most current information with articles addressing topics from free speech and dress code to dangers of educators using social media.

  • Our membership reached nearly 1,000 Connecticut school administrators, strengthening our voice even more!

  • Finally, we recently contracted with Graff Wood Association Management Solutions, a company which specializes in helping to professionalize the operations of volunteer associations like CASA. They will be assisting us with membership communication and office management. They are available to assist you with any administration matter related to CASA like dues payment and membership lists.

If you have any questions about CASA and the scope of its unique member benefits, please contact me and we will be glad to help you.

From CASA’s Board of Directors to all: here’s to a successful year!

Anthony Ditrio, CASA Chair